Friday, 27 March 2009

Busy Weekend?

The Big Man will be in hospital until at least Tuesday, he's not enjoying himself! He bored, too hot and there's nothing to take his mind off things.

I can understand some of what he's going through but not totally, most of my days are spent at work wondering what's happening with him. I haven't been able to think properly and have made a few mistakes when I have been working but haven't killed anyone, yet!

I've had a busy day today. I had to get a CT scan done, disgusting drink (contrast material, tasted like blackcurrant and aniseed with a bad aftertaste) to take and they had to set a drip (another contrast) up to add to my misery, I DON'T DO NEEDLES!! They had to try FOUR times before they got a vein to take the drip. I needed the Big Man, he's usually there to take my mind off things so had to close my eyes knowing what was about to happen.
Once they'd done that everything else only took a few minutes so got the chance to take drinks up to my overheated hubby and was he pleased to see them! I couldn't stay long cause they where having lunch, boo!

But anyhoo, I'm back at work tonight hopefully not working into the wee small hours but we'll see how busy it is. I'm hoping not to have to work too late or won't have much time with The Boy tomorrow or on Sunday when I've promised to take him to the cinema inbetween taking him to see the Big Man in hospital!!

So busy weekend ahead for me, I hope lots of people are out this weekend!!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Curse The Weather, What A Day Pt 2!

It wasn't my day yesterday, first in A+E until 10pm with the Big Man, then on my way home I phoned Granny to let her know I was on my way for her to tell me my the electric was off!!!!!

I discovered when I got home it wasn't just my house but the whole street at one point or other that made me feel a bit better. I fought in vain to discover what had gone wrong then gave up as I was both phisically and mentally exhausted. I told Granny to go on home, as she had to be up for work, that both me and The Boy where just going to go to bed and I'd sort it in the morning.
By morning it was back on, apparently the wind had been effecting the supply!

I'm just glad that day is over things can only get better!!! I hope.

Big Man Worse, What A Day!

Haven't got to work much over the past few days, the Big Man has been ill.

First he was burning up, being sick and having a sore leg, then on Saturday his leg started swelling up and by Sunday morning when I came in from work it was turning red. I told him he'd be best to go to A+E because he was getting hotter but he wouldn't!
On Monday morning I went out to work leaving him in bed as he hasn't slept much over the past week, thought he should get sleep while he could. I got a text about 11am saying he'd woke to find blisters on the front of his leg. To be honest with you I thought they where just tiny ones, maybe from him scratching in his sleep, but he sent me a few photos at 1pm and at that stage they where sitting about an inch high by about two - three inches wide and there where three of them. I phoned to see what he wanted me to do, he still didn't want to go to A+E!!
I had to phone his Doc to see what to do and guess what, they told me to get him to A+E! He didn't want to go just yet, wanted to 'leave it for a while as it's near time to pick The Boy up from school' and I could pick him up first then take him to hospital.

By the time I got home the blisters had burst, we got to hospital as soon as we could. We had to wait a while for him to be seen by a Doc, the Big Man was just about climbing up the walls because of the heat in the waiting area. What a godsend it was when someone opened the window behind him.
While we where having fun at A+E The Boy was with Granny and she took him home to get to bed. The Big Man was still waiting, I went outside to phone Granny and see how things where by the time I got back the Big Man had gone and I just about walked in on someone else. Luckily there was a nurse and some Queens med students who had been trying to get blood out earlier who seen me in my distress and pointed me in the right direction.
He was being kept in and they where just waiting for a bed to become available for him to go to. The Big Man told me to go home and get some rest and he'd let me know on the morning what was happening.
I headed home in the knowledge that at least he was in the best place and would have to do as told!

Friday, 20 March 2009

Illness hits the Big Man

The Big Man is ill and don't I know it!
He's burning up and isn't taking it well. He can't keep anything down so can't eat or drink. Any time I ask him a question, when he's awake, I get looked at as if I've just asked him to fly to the moon. The Boy has been staying with Granny, have enough on my plate without him getting ill also, couldn't cope with 2 ill males in the house!
Well while I've been acting nursemaid I've got what he's got but not as bad so will be working tonight, someone has to!

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Comic Relief

My son had been on at me to buy him a red nose even before they where being sold in the shops. We searched for a while and finally found staff who were willing to go to the store to get us one, THANK YOU SAINSBURY'S HOLYWOOD EXCHANGE!!
To be honest they saved my sanity, both the Big Man and The Boy where doing my head in. They had seen the items which would be available and had to have them ALL as soon as they went on sale. The Big Man settled on the car magnet and The Boy had a hard decision on which nose to get but settled on the one in the photo as it had glasses.
We had several thefts of our car magnet and bought more to replace the one which was stolen we had to start bringing it in when no one was in the car or it would be nicked! It beggars belief when someone will not spend £2 to help a charity, or in this case several, but would stoop so low to steal an item to try to make out they've helped a charity.

Well back to The Boy, they had to go into school dressed funny with their red noses on and donate some money. He dressed all in black as he thought that no one would be silly enough to do that! He's got an excuse, he's only 8.
The photo above came into being after my son came out of school. I thought I would use his nose to decorate the Big Man's 'Nuts about work' dash buddy when I was out at work on Friday (comic relief night). I thought it would look good and once it was done it bobbed about all night long!
The Big Man thought it looked like him after a bad day.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Aren't some teachers great?

Teachers have such a big effect on the future of children and whether they want to learn.

I've been having a discussion with several parents lately about how the way a teacher treats a child affects them and also how impressions made in the first few weeks last the entire time they are with that teacher.
We have been having these because several are having a problem with one teacher in particular. She is very into all pupils participating in everything whether they like it or not and won't change her mind about a child once she has decided what they are like.
My son started a new school in September but is the type of child you either love or loathe, the Principal, Vice-principal and assistants love him but his teacher doesn't. He seems to have left a very lasting impression on her as a trouble maker. He's like his mum and won't admit to being wrong (teacher seems to be the same!) but this has caused him to have several run ins with her in the first few weeks.
Now it seems that when someone does something wrong the first child to be blamed is him and even when the rest of the class tell her it wasn't him she won't believe them! I have had to contact her several times to find out why he's so upset. The last time I was told she hadn't given out the punishment so I should contact the teacher who did! I thought the class teacher was the first one to talk to and that they are informed about punishments and such like. I also thought the punishment wasn't called for as he had apologised for what had been an accident, but I'm just his Mum and would be biased, so I was told.
This teacher runs the choir and on talking to other parents the children in it don't like it because if they aren't able to attend for any reason they are told they are letting the whole group down and should be there no matter what. She'll soon find out that the kids have had enough as the majority are leaving at the end of the month, after they have performed at their concert.

I on the other hand had some fantastic teachers right from primary 1 until I left school. Most encouraged all in the class and promoted the best behaviour from the pupils. Obviously there where some teachers I hated but the ones I remember where the great ones.
My fondest memories are from P1 when we had such a fun teacher with which we loved to learn and she made us feel safe, secure and happy because we knew what to expect.
P3 was great also, we got to be in the choir and sing at Xmas. I wasn't the most attentive at one of the performances and fell off the tables we where standing on. Got told off by the Vice-Principal once she'd checked I was OK, I still enjoyed myself!
My favourite teacher taught us in P6 + P7. He really encouraged us to read and we developed a love of C.S. Lewis. We made models, acted out scenes from the books. He would do anything to get us to like what we where doing. He loved teaching us all about electronics, even when many fathers thought that girls wouldn't be good at it and shouldn't learn as they wouldn't need to use the info!!! We where very sad when he left half way through the last year to be Principal at another school. I have met him since, his son was in my son's class in P1. He was so embarrassed to have a child the same age as one of his former pupils' child. Both his wife and myself saw the funny side!

Moral of the story - TEACHERS PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN TEACHING OUR CHILDREN, YOUR ATTITUDE TO THEM AFFECTS THEM FOR LONGER THAN THEY ARE IN YOUR CLASS. Please, because a child seems to be bad take the time to see what they are really like before you judge them, they may just be unsure of what is expected of them and also what their potential is.

Thank you

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Bloody women

I hate women drivers!

I don't usually get to drive the car often during the day, the big man working in it kinda stops me from doing that, but today was service day so I had to drive it.
I now remember why I prefer nights, WOMEN DRIVERS. Not all women drivers are totally incompetent, just the vast majority of them!
The picture above shows how a woman parked her car in a car park on the Lisburn Road, need I say more? She claimed she didn't know she had gone over the other cars, did the fact the sky was coming down to meet her not give her any clues????
I know what you're thinking, "She's a woman driver, what's she talking about?" but I'm not a woman driver, I'm a Lady driver.
The big difference is
  • Lady drivers are capable of driving the car without endangering anything around them.
  • They can park without it taking 10 mins and a lot of going back and forward in the space
  • They can force their way out of the street on a busy day without waiting for a big enough gap in the traffic, let's face it in rush hour no one's going to leave a big enough space for anyone!
  • They have good spacial awareness so know when a gap is big enough to get into, I think many have never been lied to about the size of things!
I know someone who embodies the worst of all these traits.

First of all, she learnt to drive late in life, she was about 40. I congratulated her for doing it but when out on her first long trip after passing she went along the M2 at 30mph!! She spent the whole journey being honked at and flashed dirty looks by fellow drivers, I was hiding behind my coat, the big man was holding on for dear life!
A few years later my son was able to correct her when for the umpteenth time that month she'd taken the wrong turn when going to Ballymena. I wouldn't have minded but he was only 4yrs old and she'd been going there for at least that length of time.
When parking at her door she waits until there's a gap big enough for two cars and only then will park because if she doesn't it takes her at least 5 mins and about 10 lots of backwards and forwards along the same lines before she's satisfied the car's in the right place. It was OK the first time.
She also has no confidence when pulling out from a side street, once it took her almost 15 mins to do this as she didn't want to be pushy or get her car damaged! 'People will stop if you give them no other option' I tell her, but maybe that's just the taxi driver in me bursting out.
She has also went up a one way street the wrong way, I was on my knees praying I wouldn't die too young or damage my pretty face.
Needless to say I don't go out with her that often anymore as my nerves are frayed by the time I get to the end of the street, what used to be a few times a week is now just once and only because I'm too lazy to do my shopping alone, although it would cost less if I did!

So to cap it all I hate incompetent women drivers and am looking for a support group for all victims of these women and some of the men drivers (may as well be women if they can't drive right)

Dont believe me see this lot:

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Tantrums and Tiaras

Most people are aware I'm sure that taxi drivers can whinge and moan with the best of them but on Saturday night I met the worst so far.

He had had a bad night, apparently nothing had gone right for him at all. (when does it ever? Poor wee diddums) He had jobs 'stolen' from him, people just not being there and the sin of all sins - people changing their destination when he had his sat nav plotted already, he even had to put more diesel into the car!!
He went on about all this for the 10 mins we were waiting on our fare (we were early) I couldn't get away. I was so thankful when they finally came out and I got away.
My relief was short lived, we had to pick up at our destination. We were early again so yet another 5 mins of his complaining and I thought women could go on about the same thing over and over again! I got away and made sure I avoided him for the rest of the night.

The rest of my night wasn't all plain sailing but I did get a few good runs.
Turned up to pick up at depot but they'd gone or been picked up by another cab, was about to go when a couple ran to ask if I could take them. Well who's going to say no, I had the choice of letting depot know others had gone and maybe getting a £4 run or taking this couple and getting £16! No contest.
At the end of my shift I was getting a snack at a garage when a nurse asked if I was booked and could I take her to Carrick, again a no brainer!

I did have the usual idiots who tried to get into the cab without checking I was for them and wondering why the door wouldn't open. Just a little tip, ask the driver first and you won't break the door or your fingers trying to get in as most keep their doors locked at night.

The funniest fare was a girl who had met a guy she'd went to school with and had had a major crush on, she was flattered that him and his friend were paying so much attention to her that she failed to notice that they were in fact a couple! She was sharing a taxi with them and going on about how great it was to meet up and they (her and the crush) should have lunch during the week. He was polite about it as he got out and said he would ring her to arrange a date. The last thing I saw of them was a heated discussion about the girl!
She however was talking about how often she'd dreamed about being with him, somehow I don't think she stands a chance, I could see how much he was cringing in the back while she was talking and the friend whispering heatedly to him.
I wonder if she's found out yet? Who was I to tell her, she'll have forgotten about it by the morning.

The sad and most pathetic fare was picking up a guy who had been stood up by his girl. He had been away for a while and was the first night he'd been back. The poor wee lamb had waited for her for over 2 hours in the vain hope that she'd got the time wrong or maybe he was there early!
He looked ready to burst out crying and ranted about how cruel and uncaring women were, it was at this point he realised who he was talking to and was quiet for a while. Until 'she' rang to ask where he was as she was waiting for him. We hadn't went too far so went back to find that she still wasn't there, lying bitch!
He finally burst into tears going on about how she had always done this to him but she'd promised to change! Leopards don't change their spots, my advice was that he seemed a nice guy and could get someone much better than her.
I would tell her where to go but some guys just go back for more, I just don't understand it. I know it happens the other way around but I'd beat the crap out of anyone why tried that with me!

Thinking of opening up as relationship adviser, might be a good career move?

1st Post - why I love/hate my job

I love my job for a number of reasons the most important one being - IT'S NOT LIKE REAL WORK. I GET TO DRIVE ALL THE TIME AND TALK TO PEOPLE (a woman's favourite pastime, talking that is) and I get paid for it!!
  • I get to work the hours I want and don't answer to anyone (except the big man at home!)
  • I get to meet people from all walks of life and manage to escape unscathed!
  • I hear many interesting titbit's of info which, although I promise not to tell anyone they know I will certainly use as and when I see fit to without giving away identifying details.
  • I don't meet many of my customers often. It is embarrassing if I do when I'm not at work, they know me, talk away and I'm going inside "Who the hell are you? Do I know you from somewhere?"
  • When a man gets into the cab and calls me "mate" before looking and then spends the rest of the journey apologising, it's nice to see a guy grovelling makes my shift!
There are many more reasons why I love this job but can't think of more at the moment or can't print them!

I hate my job for fewer reasons but most of them I can print - Mainly sexist people who think women don't do the job and are surprised when I turn up!
  • I hate pukers in the cab, don't mind how many times they get me to stop so they can lean out or get out the door to be sick but hate when they just wind the window down to be sick out of. Don't want the side of the cab to be covered, I'd have to clean it! (the big man knows I don't do cleaning of cars. Had my 1st ever car for over a year before cleaning it!!)
  • Hate drunk little girls. Many are about 14 - 16 maybe first time out? "We're 18, honest!" (don't make me laugh) Usually the Odyssey in Belfast, but have drunk so much I sometimes worry what will happen to them. MAYBE I'M GETTING SOFT? Nah, more worried about what state my cab will be in when they get out!
  • People who insist I must be their taxi as they're the only one standing there.
  • People who think because I'm a woman I don't know how to do the job. They either want me to tell them the name I've to pick up and low and behold it'll be them or won't tell me a street name just an area and assume I don't know where the street will be in that area! (sometimes I don't Belfast is a big place)
  • People who think I care what's wrong in their lives. I do but only for re-tell sake, need something to talk about to pass a long journey that may resort in a long discussion on the subject.
Will probably come up with more reasons in the comming weeks as to why I love or hate my job but on the whole I love being a taxi driver!