Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Big Man Worse, What A Day!

Haven't got to work much over the past few days, the Big Man has been ill.

First he was burning up, being sick and having a sore leg, then on Saturday his leg started swelling up and by Sunday morning when I came in from work it was turning red. I told him he'd be best to go to A+E because he was getting hotter but he wouldn't!
On Monday morning I went out to work leaving him in bed as he hasn't slept much over the past week, thought he should get sleep while he could. I got a text about 11am saying he'd woke to find blisters on the front of his leg. To be honest with you I thought they where just tiny ones, maybe from him scratching in his sleep, but he sent me a few photos at 1pm and at that stage they where sitting about an inch high by about two - three inches wide and there where three of them. I phoned to see what he wanted me to do, he still didn't want to go to A+E!!
I had to phone his Doc to see what to do and guess what, they told me to get him to A+E! He didn't want to go just yet, wanted to 'leave it for a while as it's near time to pick The Boy up from school' and I could pick him up first then take him to hospital.

By the time I got home the blisters had burst, we got to hospital as soon as we could. We had to wait a while for him to be seen by a Doc, the Big Man was just about climbing up the walls because of the heat in the waiting area. What a godsend it was when someone opened the window behind him.
While we where having fun at A+E The Boy was with Granny and she took him home to get to bed. The Big Man was still waiting, I went outside to phone Granny and see how things where by the time I got back the Big Man had gone and I just about walked in on someone else. Luckily there was a nurse and some Queens med students who had been trying to get blood out earlier who seen me in my distress and pointed me in the right direction.
He was being kept in and they where just waiting for a bed to become available for him to go to. The Big Man told me to go home and get some rest and he'd let me know on the morning what was happening.
I headed home in the knowledge that at least he was in the best place and would have to do as told!

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