Sunday, 15 March 2009

Comic Relief

My son had been on at me to buy him a red nose even before they where being sold in the shops. We searched for a while and finally found staff who were willing to go to the store to get us one, THANK YOU SAINSBURY'S HOLYWOOD EXCHANGE!!
To be honest they saved my sanity, both the Big Man and The Boy where doing my head in. They had seen the items which would be available and had to have them ALL as soon as they went on sale. The Big Man settled on the car magnet and The Boy had a hard decision on which nose to get but settled on the one in the photo as it had glasses.
We had several thefts of our car magnet and bought more to replace the one which was stolen we had to start bringing it in when no one was in the car or it would be nicked! It beggars belief when someone will not spend £2 to help a charity, or in this case several, but would stoop so low to steal an item to try to make out they've helped a charity.

Well back to The Boy, they had to go into school dressed funny with their red noses on and donate some money. He dressed all in black as he thought that no one would be silly enough to do that! He's got an excuse, he's only 8.
The photo above came into being after my son came out of school. I thought I would use his nose to decorate the Big Man's 'Nuts about work' dash buddy when I was out at work on Friday (comic relief night). I thought it would look good and once it was done it bobbed about all night long!
The Big Man thought it looked like him after a bad day.

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