Friday, 27 March 2009

Busy Weekend?

The Big Man will be in hospital until at least Tuesday, he's not enjoying himself! He bored, too hot and there's nothing to take his mind off things.

I can understand some of what he's going through but not totally, most of my days are spent at work wondering what's happening with him. I haven't been able to think properly and have made a few mistakes when I have been working but haven't killed anyone, yet!

I've had a busy day today. I had to get a CT scan done, disgusting drink (contrast material, tasted like blackcurrant and aniseed with a bad aftertaste) to take and they had to set a drip (another contrast) up to add to my misery, I DON'T DO NEEDLES!! They had to try FOUR times before they got a vein to take the drip. I needed the Big Man, he's usually there to take my mind off things so had to close my eyes knowing what was about to happen.
Once they'd done that everything else only took a few minutes so got the chance to take drinks up to my overheated hubby and was he pleased to see them! I couldn't stay long cause they where having lunch, boo!

But anyhoo, I'm back at work tonight hopefully not working into the wee small hours but we'll see how busy it is. I'm hoping not to have to work too late or won't have much time with The Boy tomorrow or on Sunday when I've promised to take him to the cinema inbetween taking him to see the Big Man in hospital!!

So busy weekend ahead for me, I hope lots of people are out this weekend!!

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