Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Curse The Weather, What A Day Pt 2!

It wasn't my day yesterday, first in A+E until 10pm with the Big Man, then on my way home I phoned Granny to let her know I was on my way for her to tell me my the electric was off!!!!!

I discovered when I got home it wasn't just my house but the whole street at one point or other that made me feel a bit better. I fought in vain to discover what had gone wrong then gave up as I was both phisically and mentally exhausted. I told Granny to go on home, as she had to be up for work, that both me and The Boy where just going to go to bed and I'd sort it in the morning.
By morning it was back on, apparently the wind had been effecting the supply!

I'm just glad that day is over things can only get better!!! I hope.

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