Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Tantrums and Tiaras

Most people are aware I'm sure that taxi drivers can whinge and moan with the best of them but on Saturday night I met the worst so far.

He had had a bad night, apparently nothing had gone right for him at all. (when does it ever? Poor wee diddums) He had jobs 'stolen' from him, people just not being there and the sin of all sins - people changing their destination when he had his sat nav plotted already, he even had to put more diesel into the car!!
He went on about all this for the 10 mins we were waiting on our fare (we were early) I couldn't get away. I was so thankful when they finally came out and I got away.
My relief was short lived, we had to pick up at our destination. We were early again so yet another 5 mins of his complaining and I thought women could go on about the same thing over and over again! I got away and made sure I avoided him for the rest of the night.

The rest of my night wasn't all plain sailing but I did get a few good runs.
Turned up to pick up at depot but they'd gone or been picked up by another cab, was about to go when a couple ran to ask if I could take them. Well who's going to say no, I had the choice of letting depot know others had gone and maybe getting a £4 run or taking this couple and getting £16! No contest.
At the end of my shift I was getting a snack at a garage when a nurse asked if I was booked and could I take her to Carrick, again a no brainer!

I did have the usual idiots who tried to get into the cab without checking I was for them and wondering why the door wouldn't open. Just a little tip, ask the driver first and you won't break the door or your fingers trying to get in as most keep their doors locked at night.

The funniest fare was a girl who had met a guy she'd went to school with and had had a major crush on, she was flattered that him and his friend were paying so much attention to her that she failed to notice that they were in fact a couple! She was sharing a taxi with them and going on about how great it was to meet up and they (her and the crush) should have lunch during the week. He was polite about it as he got out and said he would ring her to arrange a date. The last thing I saw of them was a heated discussion about the girl!
She however was talking about how often she'd dreamed about being with him, somehow I don't think she stands a chance, I could see how much he was cringing in the back while she was talking and the friend whispering heatedly to him.
I wonder if she's found out yet? Who was I to tell her, she'll have forgotten about it by the morning.

The sad and most pathetic fare was picking up a guy who had been stood up by his girl. He had been away for a while and was the first night he'd been back. The poor wee lamb had waited for her for over 2 hours in the vain hope that she'd got the time wrong or maybe he was there early!
He looked ready to burst out crying and ranted about how cruel and uncaring women were, it was at this point he realised who he was talking to and was quiet for a while. Until 'she' rang to ask where he was as she was waiting for him. We hadn't went too far so went back to find that she still wasn't there, lying bitch!
He finally burst into tears going on about how she had always done this to him but she'd promised to change! Leopards don't change their spots, my advice was that he seemed a nice guy and could get someone much better than her.
I would tell her where to go but some guys just go back for more, I just don't understand it. I know it happens the other way around but I'd beat the crap out of anyone why tried that with me!

Thinking of opening up as relationship adviser, might be a good career move?

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  1. Just for the record i wasn't the other driver at the start of the post. I yap and complain when at her when she gets home!!!